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Sat-Thi 9:00-20:00

24/7 Service

Day in and day out Nursing and Medial Services gives custom-made care to individuals in their cabin who are attempting to oversee all alone.

Cancer Clinic

We trust that growth influences each individual in an unexpected way, and that each individual can profit by an interesting, individualized care arrange.

Blood Test

Most blood tests just take a couple of minutes to finish and are done at your nearby healing facility by a specialist, medical attendant, thanks.

Medical counselling

Our Medical Social Workers take care of patients and families who encounter challenges in adapting to mental, social and emerging from ailment.


our Rehabilitation Services gives exhaustive therapeutic and professional recovery to deliver a representative's obstructions to employ ability.

Qualified Doctors

Subsequent to giving conclusions, a specialist treats patients who are experiencing sicknesses and wounds. A specialist is likewise called a doctor.

Heart Institute

This charge $195 incorporates member materials, and additionally a nibble and supper on Monday and breakfast and lunch on Tuesday.

Medicine Facilities

Well being offices are spots that give medicinal services. They incorporate healing facilities, for example, birthing focuses and psychiatric care focuses.

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